The following lists are necessarily incomplete. Everyone is welcome and if you would like to be added to those lists, please just let us know.

Frequently attending faculty members

Jaap Abbring (EOR, dynamic models, industry dynamics, duration analysis)
Jochem de Bresser (EOR, labor economics, health economics, survey design)

Bart Bronnenberg (MKT, marketing)
Jeff Campbell (EOR, macro, industry dynamics)
Tunga Kantarcı (EOR, labor economics)
Tobias Klein (EOR, health economics, empirical industrial organization, marketing)

George Knox (MKT, marketing)

Max Pachali (MKT, sustainable behavior, digital platforms)
Nicola Pavanini (FIN, markets with asymmetric information)
Martin Salm (EOR, health economics)
Nikolaus Schweizer (EOR, Monte Carlo simulation methods, economics of risk, uncertainty, information, and time)
Bettina Siflinger (EOR, health economics, labor economics, applied econometrics)
Arthur van Soest (EOR, applied econometrics, labor economics, health economics, survey design)

Samuel Stäbler (MKT, marketing, corporate social responsibility)
Alex Theloudis (EOR, collective models, macro)
Christoph Walsh (EOR, empirical industrial organization)

Frequently attending Ph.D. students

with the envisaged year of completion and advisors (please help us complete this list!)

Ruben van den Akker (2027, Alexandros Theloudis, Jochem de Bresser and Jaap Abbring)
Lieke Beekers (2024, Bertrand Melenberg, Marike Knoef and Anja De Waegenaere)
Mario Bernasconi (2024, Arthur van Soest, Alexandros Theloudis, and Tunga Kantarci)
Kadircan Çakmak (2023, Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein)
Lkhagvaa Erdenesuren (2023, Jochem de Bresser and Arthur van Soest)
Javier Garcia Gonzalez (2026, Nikolaus Schweizer and Anna Balter)
Shobhit Kulshreshtha (2025, Martin Salm)
Alexei Nemtyrev (2027, Jeff Campbell and Otilia Boldea)
Gastón Mullin (2027, Jaap Abbring and Tobias Klein)
Minh Nguyen (2026, Jochem de Bresser and Bettina Siflinger)
Sofia Santin Saravia (2027, Martin Salm and Jan Boone)
Tinghan Zhang (2024, Tobias Klein and Christoph Walsh)

Former Ph.D. students who were frequently attending

with the year of completion, advisors, and first academic job (there are many more, please help us to complete this list!)

Nan Yang (2012, Jaap Abbring and Jeff Campbell, first job at NU Singapore)
Yufeng Huang (2015, Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein, first job at Rochester Marketing)
Jan Kabatek (2015, Arthur van Soest, first job at University of Melbourne)
Roxana Fernandez (2017, Jan Boone and Tobias Klein, first at CREST)
Yan Xu (2017, Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein, first job at Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Chen He (2018, Bart Bronnenberg and Tobias Klein, first job at ShanghaiTech University)
Renata Rabovic (2018, Jaap Abbring and Pavel Cizek)
Yifan Yu (2019, Jaap Abbring, first job at Zhejiang University)
Kun Zheng (2019, Jaap Abbring, first job at Shandong University)
Elisabeth Beusch (2020, Theo Nijman and Arthur van Soest)
Laura Capera (2020, Jaap Abbring and Tobias Klein, first job at VU Amsterdam)
Lei Lei (2020, Jaap Abbring and Arthur van Soest, first job at Southwestern University of Economics and Finance, China)
Maciej Husiatyński (2021, Tobias Klein and Misja Mikkers)
Ana Moura (2021, Jan Boone and Tobias Kelin)
Suraj Upadhyay (2022, Tobias Klein and Martin Salm)
Rafael Greminger (2022, Jaap Abbring and Tobias Klein, first job UCL Marketing)
Michela Bonani (2023, Christoph Walsh and Florian Schütt, first job at ESSEC)
Xiaoyue Zhang (2023, Jaap Abbring, Jeff Campbell, and Christoph Walsh, first job at DIW Berlin)
Bas van Heiningen (Jaap Abbring and Jeff Campbell)
Emanuel Marcu (Jaap Abbring, Bart Bronnenberg, and Jeff Campbell)
Ittai Shacham (Jaap Abbring, Jeff Campbell, and Tobias Klein)