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Tobias Klein's web pages with, respectively, useful links for Ph.D. students, teaching material (including a syllabus with lots of links to empicial IO resources on the web, videos of lectures and material from the two empirical IO Ph.D. courses he teaches in), and links to computer code.

Tilburg Science Hub is a new website for empirical researchers. It provides lots of information on how to set up workflows for empirical projects. It also introduces researchers to freely available tools. And there is starter code.

Dynamic Discrete Choice Models: Methods, Matlab Code, and Exercises by Tobias Klein and Jaap Abbring.

This document supports the first computing sessions in a graduate course on dynamic discrete choice models. It is centered around basic Matlab code for solving, simulating, and empirically analyzing a simple model of firm entry and exit under uncertainty. This code is available from a public Github repository and can be distributed to students as starter code, for example using the Github Classroom. Exercises ask students to adapt and extend this starter code to apply different and more advanced computational and econometric methods to a wider range of models.